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  • CPU : AM3+ : Piledriver : FX-6300 : AMD
    I have it stable @ 4.7 right now very easy to hit that with aftermarket AIR cooler and just got the MSI GTX 970 and does not bottleneck it at all that I can see. I have it on a MSI 970 gaming MOBO also. (reply…)
    By Drew
  • CPU : AM3+ : Piledriver : FX-6300 : AMD
    Mine is mounted on an Asrock 970 Extreme3 rev2.0 with 8 (2 x 4) of Corsair Vengeance Blue ram 1600 speed. Seems to be alot faster than the dead dual amd 64 3000 I had before.Although I'm probably not going to overclock it, good to hear you are having good luck with it. (reply…)
    By Guy
  • Cooling : CPU : Air : Hyper T4 : RR-T4-18PK : Cooler Master
    I recently bought this with a friend to put in his new pc (sort of new) and it works great, processor stays nice and cool under 40* even at intense gaming sessions and extreme stress, the only bad thing about this cooler is how awkward it was to put on the motherboard, we both had to hold it in different spots while one of use used... (reply…)
    By Damon
  • Display : LCD : 27 : LED : 1080p : PLS : LS27D390HS/ZC : Samsung
    This monitor looks great. Really good value for a 27" 1080p. No frills though... limited input options (1 HDMI and 1 VGA port), a static stand and it doesn't support standard mounting brackets. Still, well worth the cost IMO. (reply…)
    By Sauvelm
  • CPU : AM3+ : Piledriver : FX-6300 : AMD
    I have waited to comment on this cpu but let me tell you if you are on a budget this chip is for you ! at 3.5 was good for gaming for most parts but it really showed its power when OC ! I had this chip up to 4.7 on air cooling and stable *make sure you know what you are doing when pushing the cpu of course* (reply…)
    By Drew