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  • Keyboard : USB : Wired Keyboard 400 : 7YH-00023 : Microsoft
    Built like a tank and cheap as borsch, nice feel and easy to use. Cons- Has no pimp style.. (reply…)
    By stones
  • Keyboard : USB : Mazer Type-G Gaming : EKM085BK 36263 : E-Blue
    No sir I do not like it. LED illumination is only on the logo and front edge, keys are not illuminated and the dark blue markings are illegible in dim light, keys have heavy resistance and feel clumsy, and the sparkle, there is no sparkle. (reply…)
    By stones
  • Keyboard : USB : Blue Illuminated Keyboard : 35040 : Blue Diamond
    Worked great, very minimal ghosting, LED's are just the right brightness for night use, good tactile feel and smooth operation. They don't seem to be able to handle having a bowl of half melted chocolate ice cream dumped on them by clumsy children though (Who knew?). Couldn't find an on/off for the LED's on mine so I think there ma... (reply…)
    By stones
  • Speakers : Portable : Bluetooth : Black : BS004-BLACK : My Speaker
    Hello Ross, This is a factory defect. if you drain the battery down to 0% and they shut off... when you turn them back on they are in another language and we have not found a way to reset them. Please bring it in for warranty testing and we can swap it for a different Divoom model. Thank you. (reply…)
    By Sarah
  • CPU : 2011-v3 : i7 : 5960X : Intel
    I feel you. If you've got money to throw around why not get this. But my way of thinking is that I've read and watched the user reviews of all 3 new E series processors and they're almost unanimous the 5930k is a much better buy, mostly based on the higher clock speed. That's why I'm going with the 5930. This is good- but it's nowh... (reply…)
    By Adam Roy Hirschfeld